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I find the transition of seasons a great time to be more awake, allowing me to reconnect with myself and the world around me. It is a stark reminder of life as constantly changing; as winter draws to a close and with the new beginnings of spring, nature once again shows us its resilience against the harshest of conditions.

This time of the year can help us to see the parallels between nature and ourselves. As we see living things open up again, we too can encourage ourselves to let go of our winter habits of hibernating and closing in on ourselves by waking up – especially as the clocks go forward this weekend. We can consciously broaden our perspective, spending more time outdoors as the days get longer, taking in more daylight and boosting our activity levels, all while appreciating the wonder of nature. Read on to discover my top 5 benefits of mindfulness in springtime.

1. Noticing the wonder of nature

Regardless of whether you live in the middle of a city or somewhere more leafy, noticing how beautiful nature is can help anchor you in the present moment and create feelings of gratitude towards the world we live in. Springtime is when the colours of nature are at their sharpest; take the spring blossom as an example. You don’t have to go out of your way to notice nature – even the skies becoming brighter can be an observation. When we heighten our awareness of nature and the world around us, we are better able to feel present and connected to ourselves and our world.

2. Tuning into birdsong

I find a joyous part of spring to be the birds awakening and singing. Take time to pause wherever you are, and just listen. Try it for yourself and see what other sounds you notice; it could be the trees swaying, water running or kids laughing. All of this can be enough to boost your feelings of connectivity to the present moment, both in meditation and everyday life. If you have children, encourage them to listen to these sounds too.

3. Feeling lighter in ourselves

Spring means lighter clothing – no heavy coats, layers and scarves to weigh us down. Notice how you feel when the weather turns brighter and a light jacket is all that is required; it is much more freeing. In turn, as the temperature increases outside, we no longer hunch against the cold, wind and rain, and instead why not see what it feels like to turn our faces to the sun or pause to feel the warm spring wind against our faces. Practising appreciation for this can enhance feelings of openness and spaciousness that can be put on pause during the winter months.

4. Increased energy

As the days grow longer and we get more daylight hours, how many of you notice an increased motivation to be more active? Leaving work whilst it is still light outside can feel like a luxury after months of stepping out into darkness and cold. Such is the benefit of springtime – longer days, more sunlight and the freshness of nature, all of which can leave us feeling more productive and energised. Being more physically active can help us to create space in our thoughts and more connected to our bodies.

5. Stress reduction

Observing nature open up around us and immersing ourselves in the delights of spring can help with stress reduction. When we step out of the story in our head and into the present moment, whether through meditation or mindful activities, we cultivate our capacity to put a pause on stressful thoughts. Stopping and pausing to notice how you feel on a daily walk, for example, can improve your feeling of connectivity with yourself and help you better manage your stress.

To find out more about how mindfulness can help you, contact me at hello@thebreatheacademy.co.uk or view my upcoming courses.

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