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I was lucky enough to be introduced to meditation at the young age of 11 by my very alternative dad. My understanding and appreciation for it was further cemented whilst travelling around South East Asia at 18.

However, it wasn’t until certain life events led me to participate in a 10 day silent meditation retreat that I begun to experience it more deeply and integrate it into my life.

An encounter with Ruby Wax at the launch of her mindfulness book ‘Sane New World’ in 2013 had such an impact on me, that it immediately became clear that mindfulness and meditation was something I now wanted to share with others.

Since becoming a mum to 2 very lively girls and all the challenges that entails, I have become acutely aware how important the practice of mindfulness and meditation is when it comes to parenting and all the difficulties life can throw our way.

I decided to set up The Breathe Academy because I wanted to share the benefits I have had from this practice, whilst also teaching skilful ways we can all deal with the increasing demands of 21st-century living.

The Breathe Academy has one simple goal – to introduce the concept of mindfulness and meditation in a way that helps people bring it into their own lives, so they can begin to live a more calm, balanced and joyful life.

I am an accredited mindfulness coach, trained at London Meditation, which is accredited by the leading professional body Association for Coaching and by the UK Mindfulness Teacher Trainer Network.

I am also annually assessed against the Mindfulness-based Intervention Teaching Assessment Criteria (MBI:TAC) as developed by the CFM Bangor University, so that the teaching I provide you is accredited and always up to date.  I am also annually assessed to appear on the UK Listing of Mindfulness Teachers on the UK Mindfulness Network, now known as BAMBA.

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