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I really enjoyed it and was so impressed with you.
You were amazing and so calming. I could have carried on meditating, listening to your voice for ages!


This programme has the potential to transform your life. As a facilitator, you blended knowledge, insight, humour and a deep care and commitment to the work itself.


Just to let you know, you were amazing!
I didn't know what to expect. I love the fact that you are so genuine and real, not pretending to be perfect after using the mindfulness sessions , your voice is calming and you are very nice and likeable.


Just to let you know, you were amazing!
I really enjoyed the session and felt like I came away feeling relaxed and yet energised!


The programme has enabled me to make positive changes in my day to day life and being made
more self aware and kinder to myself enables me to be kinder to
those I am close to. Have really enjoyed my 2 hours a week.


Excellent course and you were very knowledgeable about the material.
Thank you, it was an amazing course and I got so much out of it.


The knowledge was invaluable, all info supplied was very clear.
Sessions always started and ended on time, always open to everyone’s experiences and listened attentively to all. Jo has helped make mindfulness a part of my life.


Kept the course flowing and to schedule – did not allow it to run off course - which was very positive. Jo had a very calming effect and allowed each individual to have a voice without judging. Very clear material and transfer of knowledge.


The facilitator had an excellent knowledge of material and responsive to questions. As the group gelled questions and answers became more powerful and significant.


The outstanding part, in addition to weekly practice and form,
was the day retreat. It was absolutely amazing to consider six hours
of silence. It was busy but phenomenal and i would like to explore it again. My son commented three days later that he could visually see the calmness.


Scored high marks for me on knowledge of material,
clarity, time management and responsiveness to questions.


I would recommend this to everyone.
Everyone would benefit from this!


Never felt judged and could say anything.


It is an excellent space to really understand the factors of mindfulness.
The guidance was fantastic. The handouts always were full of explanation.


Jo is kind, sensitive, thoughtful and knowledgeable.
She is reassuringly unscary and patiently explains everything.


It has helped me to take a step back from my life - to pause and to decide:
“in this moment, do i want to carry on as before?”.
That perspective is really valuable. And the ‘retreat’ day was very powerful and revealing.


I though Jo was very warm, friendly and very non-judgemental
which enabled me to feel at ease with my
honesty and openness. She had a very calming effect on me.


Strengths: Jo’s enthusiasm and calm, gentle, caring attitude
to the participant. Jo responds well
and is open to learnings/listening.


Jo is a very competent and knowledgeable facilitator.
She is very open and supportive, and very encouraging.

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