These courses will give you the skills to learn through practice how your body handles, and can resolve, stress.  As well as building resilience and the chance to choose to respond more skilfully to life’s difficulties. 

8-Week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Programme:

28 April - 16 June 2022

MBSR is a blend of meditation, body awareness, and mindful movement: learning through practice how your body handles, and can resolve, stress.

This course will be 2 hours a week for 8 weeks and includes an all day silent retreat.

Cost: £295
Early Bird Offer: £250 until Friday 15 April

This course will be in person in East Finchley, London, N2

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Sunday 12 June

Urban Retreat Day

This silent day long retreat is an opportunity to deepen your practice, or simply reconnect with it.

This day is ideal for those who have participated in a mindfulness programme or have a regular practice and just want to have the space to practice in silence. It will take place both indoors and outside in my garden, with a possible trip to the woods that are very close to the house.

Cost: £60

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Other Offerings

One-to-one mindfulness coaching

I am available for one hour coaching sessions that will introduce you to mindfulness and give you an oasis of calm in your busy life. It is also a way to investigate ways mindfulness can support you through your life's challenges in a safe, non-judgemental way.

Group sessions amongst couples, friends or family can also be arranged to suit.

Sessions in East Finchley or via Zoom
Contact me directly on to arrange the session.

Upcoming Courses

8-Week MBSR Evening Programme:
Thursday 28 April 2022, 7.30-9.30pm

£295 (Early Bird £250 until 15 Apr)

Includes an all-day retreat and will take place in person in East Finchley, London, N2

Introduction to Mindfulness


Have all your questions about mindfulness and meditation answered. 

This will take place remotely on ZOOM

Urban Retreat Day, Sunday 12 June 2022, 10am-3.30pm.

This silent day long retreat is an opportunity to deepen your practice, or simply reconnect with it.  It will take place in East Finchley, London, N2


One-to-one session in East Finchley, London, N2

One hour session. Group sessions can be arranged to suit.

book directly with me via Contact us

"I really enjoyed it and was so impressed with you.
You were amazing and so calming.
I could have carried on meditating, listening to your voice for ages!"

VikkiAttended Mindfulness Drop-In Sessions

"This programme has the potential to transform your life. As a facilitator, you blended knowledge, insight, humour and a deep care and commitment to the work itself."

DannyParticipant of MBSR Programme

"Just to let you know, you were amazing!
I didn't know what to expect. I love the fact that you are so genuine and real, not pretending to be perfect after using the mindfulness sessions , your voice is calming and you are very nice and likeable."

HelenAttended Mindfulness Drop-In Sessions

"I really enjoyed the session and felt like I came away feeling relaxed and yet energised!"

CarlaAttended Mindfulness Drop-In Sessions

“The programme has enabled me to make positive changes in my day to day life and being made more self aware and kinder to myself enables me to be kinder to
those I am close to. Have really enjoyed my 2 hours a week."

PhilParticipant of MBSR Programme

“Excellent course and you were very knowledgeable about the material.
Thank you, it was an amazing course and I got so much out of it."

EmilyParticipant of MBSR Programme

“The knowledge was invaluable, all info supplied was very clear.
Sessions always started and ended on time, always open to everyone’s experiences and listened attentively to all.
Jo has helped make mindfulness a part of my life."

LauraParticipant of MBSR Programme

"Jo is non-judgemental in her approach and is accepting with whatever everyone has done in the week as practice. A great listener."

SusannaParticipant of MBSR Programme

“Within a couple of weeks I could feel the difference - husband and colleagues noticed a shift too. Much calmer, in control, confident, resilient - all things that I believe came from being able to breathe, pause and see things differently, which ultimately led to more cautious and conscious responses."

Lital, TeacherParticipant of MBSR Programme

“The outstanding part, in addition to weekly practice and form,
was the day retreat. It was absolutely amazing to consider six hours
of silence. It was busy but phenomenal and i would like to explore it again. My son commented three days later that he could visually see the calmness."

GlendaParticipant of MBSR Programme

“Scored high marks for me on knowledge of material, clarity, time management and responsiveness to questions."

PaulParticipant of MBSR Programme

"The course has totally helped me feel grounded, alive, grateful and happy. Opportunities have happened during the past 8-weeks and I am sure this all goes hand in hand."

Lucy, DirectorParticipant of One-One MBSR Programme

"Wish I did this years ago - it's changed the way I see myself and everything around me!"

Jen, Palliative Care NurseParticipant of MBSR Programme

"Jo has been an amazing facilitator. Not only does she really listen but she perceives several layers below what I am saying, some of which I am not aware of. her guidance is firm but kind, always at a pace that is appropriate to me."

Robert, Political EconomistParticipant of One-One MBSR Programme

"Jo is kind, sensitive, thoughtful and knowledgeable.
She is reassuringly unscary and patiently explains everything."

VinceParticipant of MBSR Programme

"It has helped me to take a step back from my life - to pause and to decide:
'in this moment, do i want to carry on as before?'. That perspective is really valuable. And the ‘retreat’ day was very powerful and revealing."

VinceParticipant of MBSR Programme

"I though Jo was very warm, friendly and very non-judgemental which enabled me to feel at ease with my honesty and openness. She had a very calming effect on me."

Anita, Speech and Language TherapistParticipant of MBSR Programme

"The course gave me the opportunity to reflect, assess, action and improve my ability to process my thoughts and feelings, in order to move forward in a positive direction."

Ben, Restaurant ManagerParticipant of Couples MBSR Programme

"[the course] is really inclusive and just welcomes you as you are. The timing is achievable and the duration very good as you can learn a lot in 8-weeks, without it being a massive long-term commitment."

Cat, Marketing ExecutiveParticipant of MBSR Programme

"Jo had a lot of wisdom to impart and a really non-judgemental and supportive way of listening and guiding us to develop insight."

Talia, BarristerParticipant of MBSR Programme

"I have learnt many valuable lessons about myself, the way I interact with others, the way I parent and the type of parent I want to be. You have taught me practices which will keep me grounded when times are challenging; to help me be mindful and appreciate the little joys in everyday life which I often take for granted; and to feel ok about taking care of myself and showing myself daily kindness. I hope to be able to take what I've learnt and develop my practice further, not only for myself but with my son also, and with the families I work with as part of my role as a Social Worker."

Nichola, Social WorkerParticipant of Mindful Parenting Programme

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