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What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a way of paying attention, on purpose and non-judgementally to what goes on in the present moment in your body, mind, and the world around you. Mindfulness enables you to see things differently, undoing mental and physical knots and tensions.

By developing more awareness, you can learn to deal more effectively with difficulties and take more pleasure in life.

Can mindfulness work for me?

Yes. Mindfulness coaching can benefit everyone. No matter what you are going through right now, you can start to experience great changes with your life. You don’t need to be religious or spiritual to benefit from mindfulness.

How will Mindfulness Coaching help me?

Mindfulness Coaching enables you to deeply understand your own thoughts, emotions and behaviours though the practice of mindfulness and see how they affect you and the world around you. It is a means of enabling individuals to develop their own capabilities and in doing so to maximise their potential.

Do I need Mindfulness coaching?

Nobody needs it, however it is for people who want to realise their full potential and are ready to invest in themselves. Mindfulness Coaching enables you to discover more about yourself and develop the vision and goals that will make a real difference to your life.

Can I book individual sessions?

Yes. Individual sessions can be arranged as and when you feel you need them, either face to face, phone or Skype.

What is the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Programme?

The Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Programme is an eight week programme designed to help you incorporate mindfulness into your daily life and learn new ways of handling difficult physical sensations, feelings and moods.

Can the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Programme help me?

Yes. For many years now, scientific research has been showing how useful mindfulness is for reducing stress and anxiety, and for our general wellbeing. You do not need to be religious, spiritual or a meditator to join the programme.

Benefits of the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Programme?

Scientific research has shown that people can benefit in a variety of conditions and concerns including stress, anxiety, pain conditions, confidence, and improve general emotional and physical wellbeing.

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