Guided Meditations

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Body Scan

This meditation gives us the chance to slow down and reconnect with our body, and it will also help us cultivate more presence in our everyday lives.  It is best done in a lying down posture, ideally on a mat on the floor with your head and knees supported.

Mindfulness of Breathing

This meditation gives us a chance to pause and tune into our breath, allowing us to feel calmer and more at ease. It can also help us to feel more energised and spacious. It is usually done sitting upright in a chair or on the floor, using suitable cushions and support to ensure you are upright and comfortable.

3 Step Breathing Space

This meditation can give us a sense of perspective around any difficulty and a way of feeling calmer in the face of conflict and strife, whilst also being a way of reconnecting with ourselves and our inner wisdom. It can be done sitting, standing, walking or any place you happen to be. Ideally try to find some quiet space to do it uninterrupted.

Loving Kindness

A cultivation of loving kindness towards ourselves and others. Its more than possible that you wont feel anything at all as you do this meditation, the invitation is to simply listen to the guidance and just allow your experience to be your experience.

Intention setting

An opportunity to set and gain insight into your intentions, to cultivate inner strength and clarity of purpose. In this mindful meditation we not only set our intentions, but also explore them to gain insight into ourselves.

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