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Workplace Mindfulness
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Find out how mindfulness can help you and your staff be more resilient, focused, calm and content in your place of work

Workplace Mindfulness

Having worked in a variety of corporate environments over the years doing project and stakeholder management prior to become a mindfulness teacher, I can fully appreciate the challenges of working life. I believe that mindfulness training can provide a healthy way to balance the many demands which can sometimes make life feel overwhelming and lacking in perspective.

Why Me?

Jo Kaye, teacher, coach, founder of The Breathe Academy
  • Stress Reduction

  • Boost in working memory

  • Increased Focus

  • Less emotional reactivity

  • More cognitive flexibility leading to creativity

  • Enhanced self-insight

  • Increased immune functioning

  • Improved general well-being

  • Increase information processing speed

  • Greater emotional resilience

What are the benefits?

  • Mindfulness, stress and autopilot

  • Perception and conditioning,

  • Understanding the brain and physiology

  • Awareness of the body

  • Focus, concentration and efficiency

  • Mindful communication

  • Mindfulness in every day life, and how to best take care of ourselves

What will we cover?

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Subscribe to our free weekly newsletter full of useful, interesting and entertaining bits and bobs from the world of mindfulness and human-ness.

To enable individuals within a group setting to begin to understand their own stress and how it impacts their life. They can then begin to learn ways to manage their stress, and their lives, in more skilful ways.

What are the aims?

  • Teaching can be in one-one settings or groups

  • All courses include a combination of teaching and practice

  • Workshops available for training days

  • Training will focus on a variety of techniques that can be used in daily life to support emotional regulation and resilience

  • Courses and workshops will be bespoke and tailored to your industry

  • Courses can be delivered during at the best time to suit your business throughout the working day

What’s the set-up?

The Breathe Academy logo

Subscribe to our free weekly newsletter full of useful, interesting and entertaining bits and bobs from the world of mindfulness and human-ness.

"We approached Jo to support our team with a wellbeing initiative to explore the impact of mindfulness. From the taster session, there was an obvious appetite and the team were keen to learn more. Jo supported us on a 6 week journey into mindful practice. Having attended some of the sessions myself and hearing the feedback from the team, I can tell first hand the difference it has made. Highly highly recommended!"

~ Alison Owers, CEO EMEA, Orient Capital

"After doing the 8 week NBSR course with Jo, we invited Jo to do some work in our offices. We run a 10 people architecture practice in Belsize Park. It is a busy environment with constant deadlines from client, consultants, councils and site. We thought giving our young
team an introduction to mindfulness might help everyone deal better with stressful situations and generally improve their wellbeing. The team were sceptical at first but Jo won them over after the first session. We were all looking forward to our Monday lunchtime meditation session! The language in the office started to change and everyone became better at pausing and reflecting before reacting, listening better to each other and especially to clients. It has helped the team internally and that reflects positively on the service we deliver. “Stop” and “breath” are words now commonly head in the office. I would highly recommend Jo and hope we can continue working with her.

~ Maia Lemlij, XUL Director

"I first attended Jo’s mindfulness session at the BMJ Careers Fair in 2018 and really enjoyed her easy, professional and informed approach. Since then, Jo has worked with me on our in-house masterclasses for doctors and her mindfulness sessions have been very well-received. She ensures she is well informed of her audience to ensure a well-pitched experience that tunes in to their needs and fits with the overall day."

~ Sophia Bourne, Learning & Development Consultant,

British Medical Association

"LMA operates within an incredibly competitive sector. One of my biggest challenges is to retain my most talented people, and an equally big challenge is to help them handle a relentless job in a way which is sustainable. The work that Jo has done with my team has
helped me with both challenges. By investing in mindfulness training, my team not only have new ways to manage the every day stress they are under, but they also feel additionally appreciated and supported by their company.

~ Russell Thompson, Managing Director, LMA Recruitment

"Jo has been fantastic and very calming even from the first meeting when she introduced the course to us."

~ Nefino, Associate Director, MPC

"Jo delivered LIDA’s first ever mindfulness for staff programme and I would have no reservation in recommending her to other businesses looking to do something tangible to support the wellbeing of their staff. She is professional, knowledgeable and charismatic and the participants on her course couldn’t speak highly enough of her."

~ Lida, Head of Talent

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